deck cleaning and staining

Make your deck look new again without the high cost of replacing it

High Performance understands the importance of enjoying the outdoors! Being able to enjoy a clean, algae-free deck and patio brings even more enjoyment to the outdoors. A clean deck is not only nicer looking, but safer as well.

We clean your deck

The professionals at High Performance Services know that there are many different types of deck materials used today. Different materials require different cleaning techniques. With our experience, we can choose the best type of cleaning for your deck.

We stain your deck

Once the deck has been cleaned, we can paint or stain your deck and seal it to keep it nice looking for as long as possible. With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can extend the life of your deck, giving you more time to enjoy spending time with family and friends out on your deck.

Let High Performance brighten up your outdoor experience with a clean, painted or freshly stained deck!

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